🎙️- studio microphone emoji

or studio microphone emoji

[stoo-dee-oh mahy-kruh-fohn


What does 🎙 mean?

Is this thing on? The studio microphone emoji relates to anything in the world of radio and audio recording, including sports and news broadcasts, podcasts, and music.

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Examples of 🎙️- studio microphone emoji


Examples of 🎙️- studio microphone emoji
Boom, drop the Mike, Mariah! 🎙#TeamMariah, all day, everyday
@wiseoldsoul, December, 2016
New single 'It's Like That' just clocked over 40k views! Big up everyone supporting✌💥🎙💥 [...]
@mrfliptrix, May, 2018
🎵 I〜should have known better with a girl like you〜That I would love everything that you do. And I do〜hey hey hey, and I do!🎙🎶#JohnLennon
@ArturoRosales, May, 2018
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Where does 🎙️- studio microphone emoji come from?

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The studio microphone emoji first came out in 2014 under Unicode 7.0, 4 years after similar emoji, such as the microphone and radio, debuted.

On most platforms, including Apple’s, the studio microphone emoji shows a classic tabletop or mounted microphone associated with old-time radio, the Shure Unidyne 55.

Twitter and Google’s design evokes another icon of audio yore,  the RCA 77 ribbon mic:

While not as widely used as the microphone emoji, the studio microphone emoji, when not busy marking broadcasting content, does get used for singing and vocal performances.

Who uses 🎙️- studio microphone emoji ?

The studio microphone emoji is frequently used for various types of broadcasting, especially for live radio and sports announcing.

The emoji can also represent the professions of broadcasting and journalism … they still exist?

It also works for live musical performances and interviews.

Speaking of music, shower-divas like to use the emoji for when they are rocking out to a song, an alternative to the microphone emoji.

Podcasters and their listeners like to use the studio microphone emoji when dropping a new episode or starting into a binge-listen, as well.

And, then there’s the mic drop. We out.

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