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home provider

[ hohm pruh-vahy-der ]

What does home provider mean?

couple in front of house blue filterThe term home provider refers to a person or company that owns or manages a rental property. Home provider is sometimes used as an alternative to the word landlord.

Some avoid using the word landlord due to perceiving it as antiquated (particularly due to its association with the medieval feudal system and the implications this carries).

Additionally, some prefer to use gender-neutral alternatives to landlord and its female equivalent landlady.

Some people who are in this role themselves use home provider instead of landlord, sometimes as a way of avoiding the stigma and stereotype associated with the term. A similar term is housing provider.

Some renters and advocates criticize such avoidance of the term landlord as simply a “rebranding” intended to distract from commonly criticized issues, such as unfairly raising rent and failing to properly maintain properties or respond to residents’ needs.

Home provider is also sometimes used in the context of homelessness to refer to a person or agency that provides housing to people who are unhoused.

Who uses home provider?


WYL sponsored this entry to further its mission of redefining the role of home providers and their relationship to their residents.

WYL defines a home provider as: “An owner/operator who views their resident(s) as human, first, and deserving of respect and dignity.”

As a platform that works to make renting more transparent, WYL knows that the landlord-resident dynamic can involve a lot of baggage.

As part of their mission, the folks at WYL want to redefine how landlords view themselves and their role. That’s the motivation behind their promotion of the term home provider as an alternative to landlord.

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