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Christmas creep

[kris-muh s kreep]

What does Christmas creep mean?

Sure, we might call the Grinch or Scrooge literal Christmas creeps ... but this term actually refers to that feeling that Christmas music, decorations, and sales come earlier and earlier every year.

This popular phenomenon of retailers putting out Christmas merchandise before the start of the holiday season, traditionally after Thanksgiving in the US, seems to creep up each holiday season.

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Where does Christmas creep come from?

To retailers, Christmas might be about family, jingle bells, and roasted chestnuts, but it’s also about cold, hard cash. Enter Christmas creep, or how Christmas merchandise seem to end up on store shelves earlier and earlier each year.

Christmas creep has been a retailing trend since at least the 1950s, but the phrase emerged in the 1980s, as seen in an 1986 Los Angeles Times article: “Despite Santabear’s lovable nature, its September entrance is a symptom of what many view as an unfortunate trend: Christmas creep.”

Many publications have pointed out that Christmas creep worsened during the economic recession starting in 2008, when retailers had to fight in order to maintain the revenue gains usually obtained in the holiday season.

Offering layaway plans for gifts, free shipping, and deep discounts were all ways stores tried to grab consumer dollars—though they had to Christmas creep to do them.

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Examples of Christmas creep

We've had an increasing amount of Christmas creep...It has accelerated during this Great Recession. Everyone is trying to get a leg up on everyone else.
David Brennan quoted by Suzanne Ziegler, StarTribune, November, 2009
Is it me or do people seem extra jazzed about Christmas creep this year? All the turkey stuff is out for Thanksgiving and that’s next week which is...fine I guess but I definitely heard MJ’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus today and was triggered.
@JoshundaSanders, November, 2018
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Who uses Christmas creep?

Christmas creep, whether in name or concept, is the subject of a lot of satire pieces in the media. Numerous cartoons are published on the topic from September to December each year as sleigh bells ring at Target. It was notably mocked in a 1974 Charlie Brown animated special.

TV Tropes

People either love Christmas creep or hate it, but every one always will point it out in their social networks. These posts often show up in September, but since Christmas creep knows no bounds, they sometimes appear even earlier.

The Atlantic, Telegraph UK, and ABC News have all run articles trying to explain Christmas creep or to comment on particular marketing strategies companies are using … but no one can really explain it, we guess? Christmas creep is unstoppable.

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