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or MAGCON or MagCon [mag-kon]

What does Magcon mean?

Between 2013–17, Magcon was an event featuring young online stars from platforms like Instagram and the former Vine who toured the US to meet their fans. The name joins the initials of meet and greet with con, short for convention (cf., Comic-Con).

Where does Magcon come from?


Magcon was first founded in September, 2013 by an entrepreneur named Bart Bordelon. Bordelon got the idea from Aaron Carpenter, an internet personality, who said he was going to the mall to meet up with some of his Instagram followers. Hundreds of teen girls showed up, and this turnout inspired Bordelon to hold the first Magcon in Houston, Texas in November, 2013.

Social-media celebrities at the first convention included Aaron Carpenter, Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Jacob Whitesides, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, and Mahogany LOX.

After several successful appearances at the convention, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Carter Reynolds announced that they would be leaving Magcon on April 17, 2014. It caused an upset on social media, with the hashtags “#RIPMagcon” and “#cutformagcon” trending. This event signaled the disbanding of Magcon until, to the surprise of fans, a 2016 Magcon tour took place. Magcon returned again in 2017, but it’s future as of the time of this writing is uncertain.

Examples of Magcon

i miss when all i cared about was magcon vines
@kennedy_balleww, January, 2018
It was a sign I'd come to the right place. Wherever the screams were coming from, that's where Magcon would be.
Dayna Evans, Gawker, May, 2014
Magcon never asked for talent, it simply asked for cute guys. And despite the drama, it looks like fans are ready for their idols to return.
Megan Willett, Business Insider, September, 2015

Who uses Magcon?

Magcon is used both by participants and attendees alike. On social media, fans can often be found discussing their love for Magcon and its members. Often these are teenage girls, a target demographic of Magcon and its members’ content.

The members of Magcon have a massive following, not unlike boy-band or popstar fandom. In fact, creator Bordelon says that they are the “most famous kids you’ve never heard of!” Those involved in Magcon are considered to be part of the “Magcon Family.”

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