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National Champagne Day

[nash-uh-nl sham-peyn dey]

What does National Champagne Day mean?

Falling annually on December 31st or August 4th, National Champagne Day is an unofficial holiday all about sipping on some bubbly. Champagne is all that's required!

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Where does National Champagne Day come from?


Before everyone was hashtagging it on social media, National Champagne Day was mentioned in a few books in the mid-2000s. The 2007 books Practically Useless Information on Food and Drink Wine Enthusiast both mark the holiday on August 4th.

However, the National Day Calendar, keeper of all informal holidays, lists the holiday on December 31st. It doesn’t have an official registration date for National Champagne Day, though its webpage for it dates back to 2014. Since many people traditionally pop the sparkling wine of champagne on New Year’s Eve, many are inadvertently celebrating anyways. So, it makes for a good fit.

National Day Calendar

The hashtag “#NationalChampagneDay,” meanwhile, first appeared on Twitter in 2010 and has since increased in more frequency around the months of December and January. Restaurants and alcohol vendors take advantage of the day and and host special champagne-themed events to draw in customers.

There’s also a Global Champagne Day, observed on October 19th each year … because why not.

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Examples of National Champagne Day

Good morning. It’s National Champagne Day & New Years Eve. I’d settle for another bacon day. Have a great day. Get ready for the cold blast. Be safe. We are truly Blessed. 🇺🇲

@wjwheeler54, December, 2017
For many, 2016 was surreal. So surreal that the word became Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. As we look to close out the year, we thankfully have two holidays to look forward to: December 31 is National Champagne Day and January 1 is National Bloody Mary Day. From champagne cocktails to hangover-curing Bloody Marys, we’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants and bars to celebrate New Year’s Eve and to cure the pain the day after.
Megy Karydes, Forbes, December, 2016
JD Mitchell Designs

Who uses National Champagne Day?

New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the more popular term on the day, but there’s a spike in the use of National Champagne Day during December in anticipation of the 31st of the month. (The August 4th observance is less popular.)

Use “#NationalChampagneDay” to share what you’re drinking on social media.

Don’t know the difference between champagne and prosecco? Food and drink blogs post articles with cocktail ideas, how to pick the right champagne for National Champagne Day, and more.

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