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National Wine Day

[ nash-uh-nl wahyn dey ]

What is National Wine Day?

National Wine Day is an unofficial holiday, dedicated to enjoying all things wine, observed on May 25 each year. The Wine emoji 🍷 is commonly used to mark the occasion.

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Where does National Wine Day come from?

Wine, of course, is the fermented juice of grapes. This ancient beverage remains so beloved and imbibed that it has its very own special day: the unofficial, novelty holiday of National Wine Day.

National Wine Day is celebrated on May 25. The exact origins of the holiday are unclear, but it’s recorded online since at least 2000. It’s not be confused with National Drink Wine Day, on February. (Yes, people are so wild about wine that it has at least two special days.)

Examples of National Wine Day

A HAPPY song and a glass of Wine does it all. #NationalWineDay
@MewzMe2, May 24, 2018
National wine day is May 25 I don't know about yinz but I have a few bottles ready #roseallday
@sarahbreen33, May 22, 2018

Who uses National Wine Day?

National Wine Day—which many wine lovers, or oenophiles, need no excuse to celebrate—is an occasion to talk about all things wine, especially using the hashtag #NationalWineDay on social media.

On National Wine Day, wine experts may educate people on some of the rich and robust world of wine, and wine-sellers may offer deals and discounts on the beverage. And for the average drinker of wine, National Wine Day is an occasion to make jokes about how every day is National Wine Day for them.

National Wine Day is also an, um, opportunity to enrich your vocabulary about wine: terroir, varietal, sommelier, tannin, and viniculture, to name a few.

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