Seperate Or Separate? Which Is The Correct Spelling?

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Seperate is a common misspelling of the word separate. The word separate has two a’s that are separated by an r.

Should we keep the pineapple and pizza seperate from each other, or should we keep them separate from each other? What is the correct way to spell this tricky word?

In this article, we’ll narrow down the correct spelling of separate and share a tip on how to spell separate, separated, and separation correctly every time. 

Is it seperate or separate? 

The word separate—with two a’s—is the word we use to mean “to set apart,” “to take apart by dividing,” and several other similar meanings. You might use it in a sentence like We must separate the coins into three piles. Seperate—with three e’s—is a common misspelling of separate. Using that spelling is considered an error. 

To help you remember the correct spelling, you can remember that separate has has two a’s separated by an r.

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Is it separated or seperated?

Separated is the correct spelling, and seperated is a common misspelling. Like the word separate, the correct spelling has two a’s in it. 

Is it seperation or separation? 

Separation is the correct spelling, and seperation is a common misspelling. Like the word separate, separation also has two a’s in it.

An "a" or an "e" can make all the difference—like telling "stationary" from "stationery."

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