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[sev-uh n oh three] or [sev-uh n zeer-oh three]

What does 703 mean?

703 is a telephone area code in Northern Virginia, popularly used to rep NOVA pride.

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Where does 703 come from?


Area code 703 was one of the original 86 area codes created by AT&T in 1947. At the time, 703 included the entire state of Virginia but as its population grew, Virginia was split into seven area codes.

The 703 area covers northern Virginia as it borders Washington, DC and Maryland, including major cities like Alexandria and Fairfax. As available 703 codes ran out in 2000, a 571 area code was added to Northern Virginia. Natives, however, associate the 571 number with newcomers, taking pride and finding cred in having an old-school 703.

Examples of 703

Just a kid from the 703 trying to get something done 💯
@jreaves23, November, 2015
Northrop Grumman Corporation (703) 280-2900. Call and voice your concerns. I did.  
@LA_Beth, July, 2018
I want to thank everyone at home in the 703 that supported me and let me represent for my hometown.
Tim Settle quoted by Andy Bitter, The Roanoke Times, January, 2018

Who uses 703?

703 means Northern Virginia. People from Arlington and Fairfax counties are especially proud of the 703, or 703ers as they sometimes call themselves, since it still includes the entirety of both of those counties. They may show Virginia pride by repping the number on clothing and tweeting shoutouts from the 703.

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