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or balla [bawl-er]

What does baller mean?

A baller is a basketball player or a successful person who lives a lavish lifestyle similar to a professional basketball player’s. It can also be used to describe someone who or something that is skillful or excellent. The term is often pronounced and written as balla in African American Vernacular English.

Where does baller come from?

Ben Baller

The earliest uses of baller referred to someone who partakes in a formal ball in the late 17th century, an epithet historically associated with a group of libertines during the English Restoration. Baller was also used as an occasional slang term for a hedonist in the mid-20th century.

The modern slang baller, however, has its roots in sports. Players of various ball sports have been called baseballers, footballers, or basketballers since the 19th or early 20th century. Base baller was in use by the 1860s. Footballer was used for soccer players by the 1870s and “American football players” in the 1880s. A 1938 magazine called one athlete “a corking good basketballer.”

Basketballer is still in use today and has been clipped to baller in rap lyrics since the late 1980s. In his 1988 “The Syndicate,” Ice-T describes “Ballers, mafia, down to throw, gangstas, convicts, throwin solid blows.” Here, a baller had come to be a successful person, living an ostentatious lifestyle, which specifically pointed to the lavish spending of some professional basketball stars during that time. Some lyrics also use baller to refer to basketball players specifically. Hip-hop group Above the Law described Los Angeles as “where the hustlers hustle and the ballers play” in 1990’s “Livin’ like Hustlers.” A 2004 video game titled NBA Ballers combined both senses, allowing players to buy cars and houses for their characters. Baller also occurs as an adjective in the early 1990s, being used, for example, by Ice Cube in 1991’s “How to Survive in South Central.”

Now, athletes in sports other than basketball are sometimes called ballers. It’s usually used to refer to exceptionally skilled players. By extension, in casual conversation a person who is skilled at any task may be considered a baller. Thanks to its association with skill, baller has further evolved as a slang term for “excellent,” much like the term badass.

Examples of baller

That's Mitch being a baller and trying to make a play... I'm excited for his future because he's a baller.
Zach Miller quoted by Kevin Patra,, October, 2017
sabrina calling herself a baller bc she only has to set one alarm in the morning she’s the cutest person ever
@thatloveish, February, 2018
Gucci belt: -pretty cool -guys will be jealous -kinda expensive Studded belt: -baller af -gets you mad pussy -like $20 from hot topic
@isiahxmartin, February, 2018

Who uses baller?

Baller is predominantly used in the worlds of sports and hip-hop, but it has spread into the culture at large, used as a noun and modifier for something or someone flashy, skilled, or exceptional.

LaVar Ball, father of basketball players Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, founded a clothing brand called Big Baller Brand, playing on the association of the name with both sports and fashion.

There is also an HBO sitcom titled Ballers about football players.

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