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or Buzzinga! or bazinga [buh-zing-uh]

What does Bazinga! mean?

Bazinga! It’s an interjection used to rub a good joke in someone’s face or cheer yourself on after a personal win, popularized as the catchphrase of the character Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

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Where does Bazinga! come from?

Examples of Bazinga!

i guess in principle having my phone just be part of my brain would be bad .... but in practice??? bazinga
@cd0yl3, July, 2018
Huff Post
Elon sorry all these twitter communists are being so mean to you I think you’re “epic” please PayPal me $100,000 bazinga thanks
@Kelsie, July, 2018
On CBS' TV series, Cooper, played by actor Jim Parsons, uses the word after he pulls a trick on someone. Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio from the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia recently discovered a new bee species that he thinks fits the "bazinga" bill.
Lauren Moraski, CBS News, January, 2013

Who uses Bazinga!?

On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon uses Bazinga! when getting a one-up on someone, whether with a prank, a joke, or a situation that ended up benefiting Sheldon in some way. Over the run of the series, it has evolved into a general exclamation of joy, too.

Fans of the show have picked up Bazinga! for their own wins. Some haters of the show cringe, though, when they hear Bazinga!, as they just can’t stand Big Bang Theory.
Some Big Bang Theory trolls took to making crude MS Paint memes making fun of Bazinga! starting in 2011. Apparently originating on 4chan, these memes have distorted images and misspelled words and replaced Bazinga! with absurd but similar-sounding words. Way to get a real Bazinga! on the show, guys.

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