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[ zing-er ]


, Informal.
  1. a quick, witty, or pointed remark or retort:

    During the debate she made a couple of zingers that deflated the opposition.

  2. a surprise, shock, or piece of electrifying news:

    The president's resignation was a real zinger.

  3. a person or thing that has vitality or animation or produces startling results.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of zinger1

First recorded in 1950–55; zing + -er 1

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Example Sentences

If you wanted to serve Menu A, you could put a scoreboard in the center of the table so that guests could keep track of who delivered the best zingers throughout the meal.

From Time

Video seems to be especially attracting advertisers to this space according to both Dobarro and Zinger.

From Digiday

You can arguably pluck out some zingers tailor-made for quick swipes on a service like TikTok, but Stewart seems more invested in relishing the full 44 minutes of each episode.

Last week’s winner, Steve Smith, ended up in second place with his zinger of a Dan Snyder joke — so he wins the prize he donated, the 1968 “Republicans for McCarthy” button.

Last week, delivering a zinger-filled commencement speech at Princeton, Bernanke seemed to be toying with the obsessives.

It was another storm-related zinger for the New Jersey governor!

Silly biographical tidbits aside, later in the debate, arguably the most memorable zinger was delivered by President Obama.

Romney must have been anticipating the sentimental gesture, though, because it prompted his first zinger of the night.

The Mandarin zinger at Mitt Romney in New Hampshire produced a collective, “Huh?”

Any koot zinger can zing a peautiful zong and kif bleasure, I zubboce!


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