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What does clunge mean?

Clunge is a vulgar slang term for “anus” or “vagina,” as well as a vulgar term for women in general.

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Where does clunge come from?

Green’s Dictionary of Slang suggests clunge originated as a form of cling, as “tight” or “shriveled,” which speakers creatively likened to orifices, apparently.

The term is associated with British slang, and one early appearance is in a late 1970s episode of the BBC TV show “The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin,” featuring a heavily accented character cursing “Up yer clunge!” We’re pretty sure he’s talking about where the sun don’t shine—like Up yours!

In 2004, comedian Ricky Gervais published a children’s book, Flanimals, that featured a character called the Clunge Ambler, a lovably grotesque and flatulent creature that looked like it could be taking a stroll in the rectum. The Clunge Ambler likes to give hugs, perhaps evoking a clingy lunge of an embrace.

Clunge leaped in popularity, at least among UK audiences, thanks to the late 2000s British teen sitcom “The Inbetweeners.” On it, the character Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) uses the word clunge almost as a catchphrase. For Cartwright, clunge is slang for “vagina”—or any woman he fancies he can shag, e.g., chasing tail. A night out, for instance, has the promise of lots of clunge. Search interest in clunge spikes in 2009–11, coinciding with the series’s run and its first movie.


Examples of clunge

Are you legally allowed to read clunge mags on trains?
@stripper_thief, November 29, 2009
You better bring your wellies, because you’ll be knee deep in clunge.
Jay Cartwright (character), The Inbetweeners Movie, 2001
he's back and wants my clunge more than ever it seems
@woozyyloo, August 23, 2020

Who uses clunge?

Clunge is mainly used in the UK, a popular slang term for teens there who came of age as the Inbetweeners came of age. It’s especially associated with Scotland.

When used for “anus,” clunge is mildly offensive and can get points for humor and color. When used for “vagina,” especially when objectifying women, it can be more offensive, à la pussy, though many still see it as a playful and creative slang term.

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