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What does fluffer mean?

Despite what it sounds like, a fluffer isn’t someone who stuffs toy animals. A fluffer is—or at least is said to be—someone on a pornographic film set that keeps a male performer’s penis erect in between scenes.

In the internet language of DoggoLingo, a fluffer is an extremely furry dog, such as a Pomeranian or Husky.

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Where does fluffer come from?


When you first hear the word fluffer, you may think of someone that fluffs pillows at a hotel, making them extra comfy. You wouldn’t be wrong, technically. Nor would you be if you thought they were people who staged homes, making them look more appealing to potential buyers, as they are indeed sometimes called.

But people of a certain age might chuckle if you do, because in the 1950s, a fluffer began referring to a person who kept male performer’s fluffed up, or erect, during a shoot. It makes sense, given shoots can go on for hours at a time. These very important people on set could be male or female, and are usually clothed. A fluffer is also usually only for men (sorry ladies).

The necessity, and reality, of fluffers is debated in the contemporary adult film industry, however. Many adult film actors say they are an utter myth (or male fantasy). Others say a fluffer might be present on a gangbang style shoot, where there are multiple men that need to be ready at a moment’s notice, shall we say. This can be done either with oral, physical, or even visual stimulation.

Now, abrupt shift. Back to the cute stuff. Fluffer is also a name for fluffy dogs in DoggoLingo, an internet language of affectionate terms for dogs and other animals, like pupper and smol, that took off in the 2010s. Fluffers also answer to an even fluffier name: floof, entered on Urban Dictionary by 2008.

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Examples of fluffer

Alternative definition for fluffernutter: when an adult actor prematurely ejaculates due to the handiwork of the fluffer. #stayforthedirtyjokes
@TheSciBabe, July 2018
@Carrie_OBrien1, August 2018
How is it possible to be a fluffer by accident? Often, it’s just by being there. The pressure of getting an erection in front of a small crowd — cameramen, light guys, gaffers, photographers — then climaxing on cue is a daunting task. Sometimes it helps to have a friendly female face among the mostly male crew. Like a PA, for instance. And it doesn’t hurt if that PA has dreamy brown eyes, a friendly disposition and a heart-shaped butt.
Anonymous, Ravishly, March 2015

Who uses fluffer?

While the DoggoLingo fluffer is gaining popularity, the pornographic sense of fluffer still prevails when you Google it. A 2001 film, called The Fluffer, followed such a worker. The term also inspired fluffer as a general term for an erection—as well as a comedy warmup act, because you know, they get the audience ready for the main event. Fluffer is occasionally used for a niche genre of behind-the-scenes-porn porn.

As for the DoggoLingo fluffer, it doesn’t matter what breed a dog might be, whether it’s a Schnauzer in need of a cut or a Samoyed. As long as it looks fluffy, it can be a fluffer. Some may even use fluffer for cute dogs generally.

Cats can be referred to as fluffers, too, but don’t tell the doggos that.

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