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goin’ brazy

or brazy [goh-in brey-zee]

What does goin' brazy mean?

Goin’ brazy is hip-hop slang way of saying going crazy, as popularized by members or affiliates of the Los Angeles-based gang the Bloods.

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Where does goin’ brazy come from?

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The gang the Bloods, rivals to the Crips, formed in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Aside from, you know, gang violence, the Bloods have contributed some rap music and slang to larger society. Brazy is one such word.

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Brazy is recorded as early as 1994 in “Wish You Were Here” by a collaboration of, well, members of Bloods and the Crips:

Since the Bloods are foes to the Crips, they’re averse to anything associated with them, even the letter C. So, they started replacing the letter with B, for Bloods, yielding brazy from crazy, in the slang sense of “wild” (partying) or “foolish” (behavior and intelligence).

The particular phrase goin’ brazy (“acting wild and free”) appearing in the 1995 song “Give Me a Mad Ass Fuck” by Damu Ridas: “It ain’t no stoppin’ this shit when I’m on the let loose / I’m goin’ brazy, it ain’t a damn thing you can do.”

Examples of goin’ brazy

My head goin brazy rn
@Lilbittyliyah, October 2018
Last fall Jason Kendrick, 24, admitted to authorities that he killed 20-year-old Michael “Brazy” Patterson, of Norwalk, on Sept. 25 after witnessing him fire several rounds into Donta Wilks, a 31-year-old Stamford man who died from his gunshot wounds early the next morning.
Jeff Morganteen, The Stamford Advocate, March 2011

Who uses goin’ brazy?

Apart from showing solidarity with the Bloods, goin’ brazy and brazy are popularly used in rap. Still Brazy was the 2016 title track of Compton-hailing and Bloods-identified artist, YG, for instance.

Goin brazy got its big break in 2018 when Bloods-affiliated artist Joe Moses released a track titled “Back Goin’ Brazy.” On the chorus, Future raps: “Back goin’ brazy (Yey), I whip the Mercedes (Yey yey) / I’m back goin’ brazy (Yey yey), I whip the Mercedes (Skrr Skrr).”

Goin brazy, though, isn’t all about the gang rivalry. The term has permeated the mainstream, used by anyone in the hip-hop know who’s letting loose, or who may slowly be losing their mind. No red bandanas necessary.

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