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[ rahy-vuhl-ree ]


, plural ri·val·ries.
  1. the action, position, or relation of a rival or rivals; competition:

    rivalry between Yale and Harvard.

    Synonyms: jealousy, antagonism, opposition

  2. an instance of this.


/ ˈraɪvəlrɪ /


  1. the act of rivalling; competition
  2. the state of being a rival or rivals
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Derived Forms

  • ˈrivalrous, adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of rivalry1

First recorded in 1590–1600; rival + -ry
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Example Sentences

Today, even as soda consumption falls, the rivalry rages on, with both companies adding juices, teas, and waters to their portfolios.

Meanwhile, the connected TV platform rivalry between Amazon and Roku shows no signs of slowing, especially with Google poised to make a bigger play for a piece of the market with a new Android TV device in the works.

From Digiday

The debate touches every area of policy, from trade rivalries to unemployment benefits, and everyone has an interest in the outcome.

From Fortune

First, rising tensions between the US and China threaten to initiate a new arms race and a return of great-power rivalry.

The contrast between the serious rivalry among the female lovers and the silly homoerotic rituals of the male courtiers is fascinating.

Making this scenario more complicated is the rivalry between al Qaeda and ISIS.

What seemed to be an old political rivalry took on ethnic overtones, with the very survival of entire communities now at stake.

Their sibling rivalry drove a significant number of episodes.

Because Cuba has only one 16-team circuit, league rivalry is no issue.

No real rivalry, envy, betrayal, or even affection, at least not yet.

Those were the days when between the Scottish railway companies the keenest rivalry and the bitterest competition existed.

He had, moreover, the adroitness to extirpate that rivalry which alone destroys all united effort.

That greatly excited my rivalry, and I succeeded in finding some reasons for eulogy that she had forgotten.

The Royal Yacht Squadron's fine class of schooners and vessels of large tonnage, however, created and revived rivalry.

The latter learned that in athletics especially the rivalry between the two lower and the two upper classes was intense.