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gravity bong

[grav-i-tee bong]

What does gravity bong mean?

A gravity bong is a homemade device for smoking marijuana. It is made by submerging a modified plastic bottle into a larger container of water. It is said to harness gravity in order to pull smoke down into the bottle’s chamber as the bottle is lifted from the water.

Where does gravity bong come from?

Examples of gravity bong

*Hits the gravity bong* So what ya think the Pokémon be doing in their pokeball?
@SaiyanAyejay, January 2018
The aesthetic downside to a gravity bong is that it looks like something a janitor whipped up using items from his closet.
Brian Griffin, The Trustafarian Handbook, 2010
And if you really want to kick things up a notch, do ‘The Knockout.’ That’s when you do a gravity bong with beer. In other words, chug your beer as you light your herbs, only to do your hit once you’ve downed the entire thing. It’ll get the party started in a hurry
David Ponce, OhGizmo!, November 2014

Who uses gravity bong?

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, marijuana smokers are the primary users of the term. Based on social-media usage, the term seems to have particular currency among young and college-aged adults, especially males. Because the device is inexpensively assembled, the gravity bong is often associated with teenage potheads who can’t afford nicer bongs.

Among marijuana smokers, the gravity bong has a positive reputation for being cheap but creative and effective. It is sometimes referenced in speech and in writing as way to explain why someone is extremely high.

The gravity bong also goes by the slang terms G-B or geeb. And, sometimes the term waterfall bong is used, but even though it uses similar physics as the gravity bong, it is slightly different as it only has one container instead of two.

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