or ION

[ahy-uh n] or [ahy-oh-en]

What does ion mean?


In science, an ion is an atom or molecule with an electric charge. Outside of the Chemistry classroom, though, ion is a black slang rendering of I don't. As in ion wanna take another Chemistry class.

Examples of ion


Examples of ion
Bah, I should gooooo. Got to be up in 5 hours to climb a stupid mountain *hates* ION the palm is awesome. Fix on the mooove! *hugs Tem*
@KloKlo, August 2007
To highlight a novel approach to overcoming this challenge, scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Purdue University teamed to review the ion soft-landing technique and its application to materials synthesis.
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory,, September 2018

Where does ion come from?


The great British scientist Michael Faraday discovered ions in 1834. By the loss or gain of electrons, atomic or molecular ions carry a positive or negative charge, which attracts them to oppositely charge particles to form various chemicals. The word is rooted in the Greek for “going” due to the movement of this attraction.


Perhaps there are some of you who read the above paragraph and said Ion know what that means. This ion means “I don’t.” It is a spelling based on the colloquial pronunciation of I don’t, especially in Black English. Try this: say “I don’t know” fast and casually. You’re probably saying something that actually sounds like ionoh. This is actually how we talk, people.

Ion for I don’t emerges in internet writing in the 2000s, as does the acronym ION for in other news. ION is used as a transitional phrase to change a topic, much like Anyways…

Who uses ion?

The chemical ion helps make the world go round, even if baffles many a student in high school. They are key to understanding chemical bonds.

The slang ion, meanwhile, baffles many a high school teacher, even if it makes social media and text-messaging go round. Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo featured this ion in his 2018 “Ion Get You,” which contains the lyrics: “I don’t get you, I don’t get you, you so hard to figure out.”

ION sees occasional use among the many abbreviations of internet slang, from LOL to STFU. Typically standing for “in other news,” ION signals a change of topic, often abrupt in nature and with a degree of self-deprecation.

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