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or Kavasick [kav-uh-naw-shuhs]

What does Kavanauseous mean?

Kavanauseous is the feeling of disgust many have when thinking about judge Brett Kavanaugh and his appointment to the US Supreme Court.

It was coined in response to sexual assault allegations against him and his testimony before the US Senate about them.

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Where does Kavanaseous come from?

@kavanauseous / Twitter

Kavanauseous was first used in September 2018 by Armstrong & Getty, a libertarian radio show hosted by Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty. The idea was that one might feel Kavanauseous (a blend of Kavanaugh and nauseous) that Democrats kept calling for delays in the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

Shortly after it became clear in October 2018 that Kavanaugh was likely to be confirmed, people with left-leaning politics adopted Kavanauseous for their feelings about Brett Kavanaugh. Many felt that the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh were not taken seriously enough and that his angered self-defense during Senate hearings was inappropriate. Others were fearful that his confirmation to the Supreme Court would result in conservative rulings against matters like abortion rights. These feelings were described as Kavanauseous and sometimes Kavasick

Examples of Kavanaseous

Feeling Kavanauseous about the integrity of the Supreme Court
@CariKindl, October, 2018
#Kavanauseous Fuck that, not giving up, the repubs can go fuck themselves I'm done with their bullshit. Fighting on!!!
@AndreaGw123, October, 2018
Empire BBK

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Who uses Kavanaseous?

Kavanauseous was used on social media by people sharing their disgust and outrage during the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. Sometimes, Kavanauseous is directed toward some people’s feelings about Republicans in general for supporting Kavanaugh. 

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