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laying pipe

[ley-ing pahyp]

What does laying pipe mean?

The expression laying pipe is a very visual euphemism for using one’s penis to “have vigorous sex with” another. Tl;dr: Pipe is slang for “penis.”

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Where does laying pipe come from?

The Bismarck Tribune

Pipe goes back to Old English and comes from, before it, a Latin root meant to imitate the sound of musical pipe.

In its early days, a pipe referred to a hollow cylinder, particularly one that carries water. By 1754, the expression laying pipe was used in the UK to describe the process of setting down pipes in the ground so that water could flow through them, as for sewage systems.

But humans are have dirty minds and see sex everywhere. As early as 1600, the word pipe was being used as a slang or a euphemism for a penis…because, well, pipes look like penises.

The expression laying pipe as a slang term for “having sex,” whether vaginal or anal intercourse involving a penis, came into use around 1940 in the United States. Perhaps that was earlier…or later…than you expected.

Examples of laying pipe

Whatever you do in bed (or wherever you get it on), enjoy it, regardless of whether it’s fucking, lovemaking, doing the dirty deed, laying pipe or making babies.
Brett Tanonaka, The Daily Californian, April 2015
So they're doing construction on my road and I asked what they were doing & the guy said "oh just laying some pipe" & I said "ayyyyyeeee" he just started laughing lmao
@marcuscoffey_, November 2017

Who uses laying pipe?

Occasionally laying pipe is modified with some, as in I was laying some pipe all night long. The expression may especially used of vigorous sex or sex with a large penis.

The expression laying pipe is vulgar, if not explicit. It can be found in descriptions of porn, especially those, apparently, with construction themes.

Men like to boast about their prowess in laying pipe (whatever, bro).

Laying pipe is also used to describe both straight and queer sex.

Make a Meme

In the construction business, however, laying pipe is still used for literally installing pipe in the ground, as for water systems. It certainly elicits many an unoriginal joke on site, we imagine.

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