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[ vig-er-uhs ]


  1. full of or characterized by vigor:

    a vigorous effort.

    Antonyms: weak

  2. a vigorous youngster.

    Synonyms: healthy, sound, sturdy

    Antonyms: weak

  3. energetic; forceful: a vigorous personality.

    vigorous steps;

    a vigorous personality.

    Synonyms: powerful

    Antonyms: weak

  4. powerful in action or effect:

    vigorous law enforcement.

    Antonyms: weak

  5. growing well, as a plant.

    Antonyms: weak


/ ˈvɪɡərəs /


  1. endowed with bodily or mental strength or vitality; robust
  2. displaying, involving, characterized by, or performed with vigour

    vigorous growth

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Derived Forms

  • ˈvigorousness, noun
  • ˈvigorously, adverb
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Other Words From

  • vig·or·ous·ly adverb
  • vig·or·ous·ness noun
  • o·ver·vig·or·ous adjective
  • o·ver·vig·or·ous·ness noun
  • su·per·vig·or·ous adjective
  • su·per·vig·or·ous·ness noun
  • un·vig·or·ous adjective
  • un·vig·or·ous·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of vigorous1

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin vigorōsus; vigor, -ous
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Synonym Study

See active.
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Example Sentences

If elected, O’Brien said, he would commit to more vigorous testing of crime scene evidence.

Liberals have traditionally favored vigorous enforcement of antitrust law across the economy.

The lack of vigorous competition, they argue, has allowed the Democrats and Republicans to carve out diametrically opposed political bases, fairly narrow and extremely partisan.

The researchers used these thick substances because keeping a liquid aloft requires vigorous shaking — with larger pools requiring stronger vibrations — and a runny fluid like water would slosh around too much to form a stable, levitated layer.

Cynical Theories argues bad ideas should be debated, and defeated, with vigorous public discussion.

From Ozy

McCain said he, Corker, and Burr are also interested in pursuing more vigorous oversight of the Iran deal as well.

Republicans are having a vigorous debate about whether or not to make serious appeals to the growing Hispanic electorate.

Obama and Modi are from two different planets, and each, in his heart, is likely to have vigorous contempt for the other.

Polio, for example, has been eradicated in the Western hemisphere thanks to a vigorous international immunization program.

Ordinarily, the possibility of a Perkins run for office would be about as thrilling as a vigorous tooth flossing.

Potatoes also are extensively planted, and I never saw a more vigorous growth.

Junot already held Portugal; it seemed as if it needed but a vigorous movement to oust the Bourbons from Madrid.

The promises of Bellamy and Planner were as far from fulfilment as ever; their performance as vigorous and disastrous as at first.

No more admirable illustration can be found of the truth that the essence of defence lies in a vigorous local offence.

Mr. Burns was a striking personality; strong and vigorous, mentally and physically.