[ vig-er-uhs ]
/ ˈvɪg ər əs /


full of or characterized by vigor: a vigorous effort.
strong; active; robust: a vigorous youngster.
energetic; forceful: vigorous steps; a vigorous personality.
powerful in action or effect: vigorous law enforcement.
growing well, as a plant.

Origin of vigorous

1300–50; Middle English < Old French < Medieval Latin vigorōsus. See vigor, -ous

synonym study for vigorous

2. See active.

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British Dictionary definitions for vigorous

/ (ˈvɪɡərəs) /


endowed with bodily or mental strength or vitality; robust
displaying, involving, characterized by, or performed with vigourvigorous growth

Derived forms of vigorous

vigorously, adverbvigorousness, noun
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