[mah-noh-job] or [man-oh-job]

What does manojob mean?

A manojob is the name of a pornography website and a slang coinage for the sexual act of a hand job.

Examples of manojob


Examples of manojob
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@vera_senkina, March, 2018
Are any of these girls escorts. I’d love to get a manojob from someone that looks like Chelci fox or even Jaylynn Sinz.
Marty quoted by Billy Watson, I Shoot Porn, August, 2007
I’m a mid-western girl who loves porn...My agent has a special relationship with Manojob, and he delivers all the fresh girls. The ones "just off the bus" — like me. I think it’s good to start my porno career doing a handjob scene.
Janie Jones,, October, 2011

Where does manojob come from?

Manojob first came into use in November, 2005, when pornographic filmmaker Billy Watson launched his website of the same name. Among other motivations, Watson wanted to offer specialized content—in this case hand jobs—rather than make his visitors sort through different pornographic categories to find such videos.

Watson’s brother suggested manojob as the name, blending the English sexual slang hand job with the Spanish mano, “hand.” It was a much cheaper domain name than more sexually-explicit alternatives.

Watson’s site popularized the term, and manojob has since spread beyond direct reference to the website to a term for a hand job both in general slang and as a category on other pornography sites.

Who uses manojob?

Outside the website Manojob, manojob can be used interchangeably with hand job, though it is a far less common term both in colloquial speech and on pornographic websites. It is mostly used by young adult to middle-aged men and people working in the pornography industry.

As sexual slang, many may find manojob offensive or inappropriate.

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