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What is phrogging?

Phrogging is the act of secretly living in another person’s home without their knowledge or permission.

A person who engages in phrogging is sometimes called a phrog or, less commonly, a phrogger. The verb form phrog is sometimes used.

Phrogging is similar to squatting except that phrogging involves living in an occupied property.

Example: I just watched a show about phrogging and now I’m going to have dreams about someone creepily living in my attic.

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Where does phrogging come from?

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The origin of the term phrogging is uncertain. Some explanations trace the term to the word frog, which is claimed to be a reference to the fact that a person who engages in phrogging may “jump” from place to place (such as to avoid being caught).

The term phrogging has been used in this way since at least 2014, when it was used as the title of an independent short film. Use of the term increased on social media after the release of the 2019 horror film I See You, which involves an intruder engaging in phrogging and wearing a frog mask. Awareness of the term further increased in 2022 due to the premier of the true crime series Phrogging: Hider in My House, which depicts real-life reports of the practice.

Still, real-life instances of the practice are rare, and increases in awareness of the term are often tied to depictions in pop culture.

Who uses phrogging?

Phrogging is most often discussed in relation to its depiction in pop culture, such as in movies and true crime shows.

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