What does schwifty mean?


Time to get schwifty in here! Schwifty is a made-up term from the animated show Rick and Morty in 2015. It means completely letting loose while partying.

Examples of schwifty


Examples of schwifty
Had two glasses of champagne and I'm way too schwifty at my aunt's house
@grappleboyz, November 2018
And no human holiday is complete without some ambiance. These Red Party Cup String Lights really bring the schwifty theme together, reminding us that most Human Holidays revolve around parties (and thus, red cups).
Veronica Webb, Bleeding Cool, December 2017

Where does schwifty come from?


Schwifty comes from a 2015 episode of the Adult Swim cartoon, Ricky and Morty. The episode, titled “Get Schwifty,” features a song of the same name sung by the character Rick, featuring mostly nonsensical lyrics. A representative excerpt: “Take off your pants and your panties / Shit on the floor / Time to get Schwifty in here / It’s the schwif-schwifty / Hey, take your pants off.” When you’re getting schwifty, you may or may leave the party with your pants still on.

As a term, schwifty is apparently meant to sound like a hip-hop slang term for getting inebriated, e.g., getting lit or crunk. At its height, Rick and Morty drew 11 million viewers, and schwifty quickly caught on and spread among its devoted fanbase.

Who uses schwifty?

Rick and Morty’s many fans adopted schwifty as an allusive in-joke for getting intoxicated and going wild while partying.

It can also be used as a synonym for drunkenness or wildness more generally.


And yes, fans are still using it even years after the original air date of “Get Schwifty.”

Since the release of a Rick and Morty soundtrack in 2018, the lyrics to “Get Schwifty have been added to the likes of Genius and is available on streaming websites.

Put it on repeat at your next shindig, just be sure to stay safe out there whilst you get schwifty.

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