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see you next Tuesday

or c u next Tuesday

What does see you next Tuesday mean?

See you next Tuesday is a euphemism for the derogatory slang word cunt.

Where does see you next Tuesday come from?

see you next Tuesday

See you next Tuesday is derived from a combination of the letters c and u, which when pronounced aloud sound like “see you,” and the first letters of the words next and Tuesday. This forms an acronym rebus that, when taken together, stands for cunt. The phrase is sometimes typed out as c u next Tuesday.

The euphemism appears on the internet at least as far back as 1999, defined in slang dictionaries by the mid-2000s, and first appears on Twitter in 2006. In January 2017, Irish professional wrestler Becky Lynch caught heat—and subsequently reprimanded—for trash-talking an opponent ahead of an upcoming match with “See you next Tuesday.”

While see you next Tuesday is a more modern phenomenon, its spelling is not without precedent. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the character Malvolio reads a forged letter. Thinking he recognizes its handwriting as Olivia’s, whom he works for and is romantically interested in, Malvolio says: “By my life, this is my lady’s hand these be her / very C’s, her U’s and her T’s and thus makes she her / great P’s…”

Unwittingly, Malvolio spells out cunt, with and punning on the letter N. (He finishes off with a bathroom joke, to boot.)

Examples of see you next Tuesday

“yeah, she's a real 'see you next tuesday'”
mack (105) Warriorsworld (September 7, 2007)
“Remember, if someone says 'See you next Tuesday' then sniggers childishly, the appropriate response is 'Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday'.”
@robinflavell Twitter (May 29, 2017)
“I was willing to bet Jessica was calling me a ‘see you next Tuesday’ in her head, but she wasn't quite mad enough to spit that out.”
Kristi Abbott, Kernel of Truth (2016)

Who uses see you next Tuesday?

See you next Tuesday is used as a covert insult. You might directly say of someone that they’re such “a see-you-next-Tuesday” or “a group of see you next Tuesdays.” Or, as with Becky Lynch, you might work into your leave-taking in a conversation: “I’ll see you next Tuesday.”

As cunt is widely considered a particularly misogynistic taboo word, so too is see you next Tuesday. Though a euphemism, it is often deemed offensive.

Despite, or perhaps because of the sly taboo involved, several performers have used see you next Tuesday. Hip-hop group FannyPack named a 2005 album See You Next Tuesday. Musical artist Kesha released a 2010 single called C U Next Tuesday. There’s an American grindcore band called See You Next Tuesday. A 2013 film also took the phrase as its title.

Many uses of see you next Tuesday in everyday speech and writing are innocent, but be mindful of its connotations.

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