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What does spoopy mean?

Spoopy is an internet slang term used to describe something that is "spooky" but in a comical or cute way, such as a puppy in a ghost costume or a goofy Halloween video. It is based on a viral picture of a Halloween decoration that misspelled spooky as spoopy.

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Where does spoopy come from?

Samantha Yeung / Dribble

Spoopy first appeared online in 2009 in a picture posted by Flickr user clickfarmer. Taken at a Ross department store, the picture featured a Halloween decoration that misspelled spooky as spoopy.

Screenshot of clickfarmer / Tumblr

While spoopy spread online somewhat in the early 2010s, but it didn’t go viral as a meme until 2013. That’s when the Tumblr user sp00pyzorak3 posted clickfarmer’s spoopy picture next to a picture of a Halloween cookie cake decorated with its own memorable misspelling: “creppy” for creepy.

Screenshot from Know Your Meme

Since 2013, spoopy has been a popular term each year around Halloween, according to Google Trends. Its success is in part due to the misspelling itself, which suggests a combination of spooky and poopy. Spoopy also fits right into the online popularity of deliberately misspellings, purposely bad grammar, and cutesy words, such as in Doge memes and DoggoLingo.

Examples of spoopy

Pulling up to your Halloween party like..... #SPOOPY
@SHARON_NEEDLES, October 2019
What I thought was going to be a not so spoopy game had me scared for 90% of it.
@YerGirlSa, October 2019
Spoopy can also be applied to modern movies, especially those that follow the trend of mixing comedy and horror genres.
Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Quartz, October 2018

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Who uses spoopy?

Online, spoopy is used as a funny, cute, or ironic way to refer to something as “spooky.” It can describe something that has a spooky (or Halloween-themed) element but is ultimately adorable, sweet, or even cheesy—a mix of the comedic and the scary.

Spoopy is often used to describe cute pictures of pets in Halloween costumes, and may appear in Halloween-themed Doge memes or DoggoLingo.

Spoopy is also popular in furry, cosplay, and anime communities online, who may use spoopy to characterize their various Halloween-themed content.

The adjective spoopy has inspired other wordplay, such as the superlative spoopiest, the noun and verb spoop, and formations like spooptacular. Along with creppydoo (a deliberate misspelling of boo) may be used with spoopy.

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