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tfg [ tee-ef-jee ]

What does TFG stand for?

TFG is an abbreviation that stands for “The Former Guy.” TFG is specifically used to refer to former US President Donald Trump as a way to avoid mentioning him by name in online posts.

TFG is typically used by people who oppose Trump to indicate disrespect for him, prevent additional attention, and avoid responses from his supporters.

Example: I refuse to repost anything from TFG.

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Where does TFG come from?

dark green text TFG on light green background

TFG is an abbreviation of “The Former Guy.” The use of “The Former Guy” as a way of referring to Donald Trump was inspired by President Joe Biden dismissively referring to him as “the former guy” when pivoting away from questions about his predecessor during a February 2021 town hall.

When reporting on the event for The New York Times, columnist Gail Collins suggested TFG as a nickname that could be used to make fun of Trump and frustrate him by avoiding use of his actual name.

The use of TFG as a way for opponents to refer to Trump on social media increased over the next several months.

Using TFG to refer to Trump is considered a form of “Voldemorting,” the practice of avoiding the explicit mention of a person’s name in online discussion as a way of preventing more attention for that person or unwanted interaction with their supporters. (The name of the practice is a reference to the character Voldemort in the Harry Potter stories, whose name is considered taboo and is often replaced with “He Who Must Not Be Named.”)

Some people use TFG in reference to Trump with a different intended meaning, most commonly one in which the letter F represents a different word.

Examples of TFG

TFG is an acronym for "the former guy," which is a reference to Trump as the former president.
Jason Lemon, Newsweek, March 2022
Trump to Pence— “I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t do this.”  Yes, tfg is not only an authoritarian criminal, he also has the mind of a small child.
@VoteGloriaJ, June 16, 2022

Who uses TFG?

TFG is typically used by those who oppose former US President Donald Trump as a way to avoid mentioning him by name when discussing him on social media. It is almost always used in the context of critical comments.

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