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What does unalive mean?

Unalive is a slang term used on social media as a replacement for the verb kill or other death-related terms, often in the context of suicide. Unalive is typically used as a way of circumventing social media platform rules that prohibit, remove, censor, or demonetize content that explicitly mentions killing or suicide.

For example, it may be used in phrases like unalive myself or unalive attempt.

The term is used both seriously (such as in discussion of suicide prevention and awareness) and in nonserious posts and memes (such as saying My mom is going to unalive me if I don’t clean my room).

Note: If you’ve reached this page because you are having thoughts about harming yourself, please know that you matter, and there is help available.

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (or by dialing 988 in some areas), or chat with someone online, or text 741741 to talk to a counselor on the Crisis Text Line.

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Where does unalive come from?

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Use of the word unalive to mean “unfeeling” or “lacking vitality” predates its slang use, but this earlier sense of the word is now very rarely used.

In unalive, the prefix un-, meaning “not,” serves its usual negating function. However, as a slang term, unalive is most commonly used to mean things other than “dead” (though it can also be used this way).

The use of unalive as a euphemistic slang term meaning “to kill” is thought to have been popularized by a 2013 episode of the animated show Ultimate Spider-Man, in which the character Deadpool says he is going to “unalive” a villain as part of a joke involving the avoidance of the word kill.

The social media use of unalive in the context of suicide increased in early 2022 on TikTok. The emergence of this use is thought to be related to TikTok policies prohibiting content related to self-harm, including removal of the hashtag #suicide as well as removal of content that uses the word suicide.

TikTok users began using unalive as a way to circumvent these restrictions, including in both in serious and nonserious posts. Variations of the term have also been used, including as hashtags. Such use has since spread to other social media sites.

Examples of unalive

my mom will unalive me if she ever sees my sketchbook help
@NoorsPOV, June 23, 2022
A bad practical joke? A faulty timer rig? Or perhaps an interdimensional witch of unrivaled power out to unalive me, specifically? Clearly, Sam Raimi had gotten into my head.
Linda Codega, Gizmodo, May 2022

Who uses unalive?

Unalive is most commonly used by younger social media users as a way of avoiding platform restrictions around use of terms related to killing and suicide. It is used in both serious and nonserious ways.

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