[ uhn-uh-lahyv ]
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verb (used with object)Slang.
  1. to kill (oneself or another person): Is it a cry for help when people on social media talk about unaliving themselves?The point of the game is to unalive all enemies before losing your last life token.

  1. Slang. dead (def. 1): Our unalive goldfish was floating at the top of the fishbowl.That joke killed me—I am unalive!

  2. (of an inanimate object) lifeless and lacking even the facsimile of life: the unalive occupants of the wax museum.

  1. (of a living being) unaware of someone or something, or generally isolated, numb, or unresponsive: We were unalive to the possibilities of fusion cuisine before our travels.She was unalive in the face of her own children’s suffering.

Origin of unalive

First recorded in 1820–30 for defs. 2-4, and in 2015–20 for def. 1; un-2 + alive; the recent senses “to kill; die by suicide” are euphemisms to avoid censorship on the internet

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