[ ded ]
/ dɛd /

adjective, dead·er, dead·est.


the period of greatest darkness, coldness, etc.: the dead of night; the dead of winter.
the dead, dead persons collectively: Prayers were recited for the dead.


Idioms for dead

    dead in the water, completely inactive or inoperable; no longer in action or under consideration: Our plans to expand the business have been dead in the water for the past two months.
    dead to rights, in the very act of committing a crime, offense, or mistake; red-handed.

Origin of dead

First recorded before 950; Middle English deed, Old English dēad; cognate with Gothic dauths, German tot, Old Norse daudhr; originally, past participle. See die1


dead·ness, nounhalf-dead, adjective

synonym study for dead

1. Dead, deceased, extinct, lifeless refer to something that does not have or appear to have life. Dead is usually applied to something that had life but from which life is now gone: dead trees. Deceased, a more formal word than dead, is applied to human beings who no longer have life: a deceased member of the church. Extinct is applied to a species, genus, or the like, no member of which is any longer alive: Mastodons are now extinct. Lifeless is applied to something that may or may not have had life but that does not have it or appear to have it now: The lifeless body of a child was taken out of the water. Minerals consist of lifeless materials. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for dead

/ (dɛd) /



a period during which coldness, darkness, or some other quality associated with death is at its most intensethe dead of winter


(intensifier)dead easy; stop dead; dead level
dead on exactly right

Derived forms of dead

deadness, noun

Word Origin for dead

Old English dēad; related to Old High German tōt, Old Norse dauthr; see die 1
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Medicine definitions for dead

[ dĕd ]


Having lost life; no longer alive.
Lacking feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive.
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Idioms and Phrases with dead


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  • dead ahead
  • dead and buried
  • dead as a doornail
  • dead beat
  • dead drunk
  • dead duck
  • dead end
  • dead from the neck up
  • dead heat
  • dead horse
  • dead in one's tracks
  • dead in the water
  • dead letter
  • dead loss
  • dead man
  • dead of
  • dead on one's feet
  • dead ringer
  • dead set against
  • dead soldier
  • dead tired
  • dead to rights
  • dead to the world
  • dead weight

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  • beat a dead horse
  • caught dead
  • cut someone dead
  • drop dead
  • knock dead
  • more dead than alive
  • over my dead body
  • quick and the dead
  • stop cold (dead)
  • to wake the dead

Also see underdeath.

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