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[ ig-zaws-tid ]


  1. drained of strength or energy; worn-out:

    The illness left me exhausted, both psychologically and physically.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exhausted1

First recorded in 1660–70; exhaust ( def ) + -ed 2( def )

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Synonym Study

See tired 1.

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Example Sentences

Korduri said FinFET will again triple chip density before it’s exhausted.

Even when you’re exhausted, you’re mustering up unimaginable courage to put on those scrubs and give our loved ones a fighting chance.

From Fortune

Her friend recovered, but Assaf was still “utterly exhausted.”

Already exhausted from swimming my gear from shore, within minutes after I descended I lost my light, a flipper, and complete sense of space.

I think for any new mom when she returned to work just, you’re exhausted and you’re balancing your family and what it all looks like.

From Health

For me and some of my students, 2014 was the year of rediscovering old resources whose value is not exhausted yet.

This breach is an extraordinary emotional drag on the exhausted population.

As I forced my exhausted body to exercise, I yelled at my legs like a drill sergeant, demanding five more minutes or one more set.

She is genuinely concerned, of course, that you look so exhausted and old.

Its rhetorical potential—if it ever had any—has been thoroughly exhausted.

He flung himself upon his bed; no definite thought was in him; he was utterly exhausted.

A long, dreamless sleep took instant charge of him, for he was exhausted to a state of utter depletion.

The two armies for the time being lay opposite to each other, too exhausted after the struggle to recommence operations.

Exhausted by her emotion, she would have fallen on the ground, had not Alphonse caught her and raised her in his arms.

When partially exhausted the aluminum shutters are dipped into a bath of shellac.


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