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weird flex but OK

or odd flex but OK or weird flex but okay [ weerd fleks buht oh-key ]

What does weird flex but OK mean?

Weird (or odd) flex but OK is a snarky, mocking internet slang response to when someone brags about something deemed unusual, bizarre, baffling, or questionable.

A boast about owning a zebra or spending $1000 at Starbucks? Weird flex but OK.

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Where does weird flex but OK come from?

The phrase weird flex but OK was apparently born where a lot of things are born nowadays: Twitter. According to the meme-sleuths at Know Your Meme, on December 31, 2017 user @finnfeighery responded to a tweet posted by the activist Malala Yousafzai with weird flex but OK. The reply was a sarcastic answer to Malala’s truly impressive accomplishments for the year. Flex is a slang term for “showing off,” from flexing one’s muscles, so it’s as if the phrase is saying, “That’s a strange thing to brag about, but whatever.”

The phrase gained traction on Twitter and other social media platforms and internet forums, but it wasn’t until September 24, 2018 when it was truly popularized as a kind of internet catchphrase. In an interview with Fox News, Brett Kavanaugh, then a Supreme Court nominee, said that he was a virgin for many years after high school. User @SJSchauer mocked his virginity tout on Twitter with weird flex but okay, and the internet loved it.

Examples of weird flex but OK

My toddler just wanted to play “funeral” with me and I got the role of playing dead. Weird flex, but okay.
@Megatronic13, October 2018  
My Uber driver just played whale music all the way to my house like weird flex but okay
@mysticalfruit, November 2018

Who uses weird flex but OK?

“I spent $200 at Chipotle last night.”
“Weird flex but okay.”

Like almost everything on social media it seems, weird flex but OK (sometimes phrased as odd flex but OK) drips with sarcasm. It’s used to make fun of something presented as positive but perceived as negativelike being able to watch Lemon Party more than once.

And let’s face it, most of the times weird flex but OK, for all its irony, is often pretty on point with its evaluations.


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