Arboreal To Zephyrean: 14 Sizzling Words For Summer Days

The longer, warm days of summer are finally here, and that probably means you’re spending plenty of time outside. Why not brush up on some new summer vocabulary to take with you on your next adventure?

Summer is the perfect time to explore a hobby, like writing or art. It’s also when students of all ages might need some dedicated educational activities to prevent summer learning loss. Whether you’re a devoted word lover, a creative looking for a little inspiration, or a parent wanting to impart some extra knowledge to your kids while they’re out of school, here are some unique summer-themed words to impress your friends and keep the learning going all summer long.

14 amazing adjectives for everyday backyard fun

An extraordinary summer calls for some extraordinary words. These 14 terms offer a vacation from the usual summer adjectives, like hot, bright, and breezy. Click each word to get the definition, see where it comes from, and learn how to use it in a sentence!

  • To describe the things we do in summer: estival
  • To talk about the deep blue sky: cerulean
  • To mention the sights on land: terrestrial
  • To point out the green grass: viridescent
  • To talk about the beautiful trees: arboreal
  • To describe a breezy day: zephyrean
  • To use a more interesting word than hot: torrid
  • To comment on the sun’s brightness: luminous
  • To say there’s a chance of rain: pluvial
  • To warn of an approaching storm: tempestuous
  • To make plans for the morning: matinal
  • To talk about the twilight fireflies: crepuscular
  • To describe an evening swim: vespertine
  • To talk about the clouds rolling in: nebulous

Love these words? You can save and share them with our Amazing Nature Adjectives word list. Click to access the full list.

Take The Quiz: How well do you know these words?

Ready to take these new words for a test drive? Take our free quiz to check your memorization skills and see if you’re ready to pull these words out at the next summer barbecue.

Other ways to use these words

You can easily use these new words to inspire your next creative exercise or to create some fun and educational activities for young learners. Try the following:

  • Review our digital flashcards, then see if you can ace this spelling test.
  • Practice spelling the words with sidewalk chalk or Scrabble tiles.
  • Use our Grammar Coach™️ writing tool to draft a short story or poem inspired by summertime. How many of the words can you include?


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