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  1. Words Matter: When A Wife Becomes A Widow

    You lose your keys, you don't lose a person who's the whole world to you.
  2. Have You Used The Phrase “Get Your Goat” In This Way?

    This family recounts how the phrase "get your goat" inspired them to create a new saying. Have you used this phrase before? Has your family ever created your own word?
  3. When You Should Not Say Sorry

    Sometimes saying sorry isn't the right thing to do ... just ask "the apologizer."
  4. Do You Remember This Radical 80s Slang?

    When you re-hear to this 80's slang you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. Do you remember these totally 80's words?
  5. Did You Know Mexican Independence Day Is Not Cinco De Mayo?

    Most people know Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th. However, what they don't know is that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day. So, when is it? This woman helps us explain ...
  6. What Are The Best Words To Stop A Temper Tantrum?

    Temper tantrums. If you're a parent, you know there is no easy way to avoid them. But these parents have some words that have worked for them during these stressful moments. Maybe they'll work for you too!
  7. Why Do These Words Have Different Pronunciations?

    How is it possible that a word, spelled the same way, can have so many different pronunciations? Caramel, data, either ... how do you pronounce these words, and which way is correct?
  8. Words In The Dictionary That People Hate

    Listen up, word nerds, this video is for you. Firstly, don't hate ... watch with an open mind. Because words like firstly may be nonstandard, sure, but that doesn't mean they're wrong.
  9. Where Did The Slang Word “Stan” Come From?

    Stan. Is it a male's given name or slang for a "diehard fan" of, you know, BTS or Arya Stark? Both! So how did this word evolve?
  10. What’s The Funniest (Or Most Embarrassing) Thing You’ve Said During Class?

    School may not physically be in session right now, but you can still say funny (and really embarrassing) things in a Zoom class too! Watch these people's most embarrassing classroom moments. Can you relate?