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    Here's to celebrating the holidays with your mishpocha.
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  3. The Slang of Suds: Know Your Beer!

    The microbrew/craft beer industry has exploded in recent years, offering both professionals and home brewers the opportunity to experiment and create beer that‘s probably a far cry from what Homer Simpson drinks down at Moe’s. While the beverage is nearly as old as civilization (it goes back to Mesopotamia, and is the oldest alcoholic drink), it’s definitely taken some interesting twists and turns. Here, we present some new beer terms you might want to know before you head out to your local craft brewer.

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  5. The Cryptic Language of Wine

    Anyone can sound like a wine connoisseur! All you need is a quick flip through these must-know wine words.

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    You’re out and about, you order what you think is a nice tea or coffee, and surprise! It has alcohol in it!?