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  1. How To Name A Cocktail

    An Anatomy Of Cocktail Names Through History by John M. Cunningham The cocktail renaissance of the 21st century, in which craft-cocktail bars have proliferated and classic cocktails are back in fashion, has proved that there is a true art to inventing and mixing drinks. But, what about naming them? For some bartenders, bestowing a name upon one of their newly devised concoctions can be the …

  2. Whiskey Words To Know

  3. Yummy Cocktails With Nasty-Sounding Names

    Some cocktails have sexy names - ahem, "Between the Sheets" anyone? - while others just sound cool - yeah, we're talking about you, Manhattan. And then there are some drinks with names that are just plain filthy. Between nasty and naughty, we take a look at some of the dirtiest cocktail names and the history behind each.

  4. 11 Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Know

  5. What Are The Best Warm And Wintery Drink Names?

    After a long winter day, there’s nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with a warm drink while the snow falls (and then falls some more, and some more). Looking for something new to add to your hot drink repertoire? Here are some warm and tasty winter drinks from around the world. Let’s start with the one in the headline, straight from Sweden. Glögg …