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  1. What Do The Most Well-Known Website Names Mean?

    In the modern world we occupy, tech company names like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and others have become a major part of our daily life and conversations. Some of them, like Google, become synonymous with the act itself. If you need to search something, you “just Google it,” which is much like what happened with Xerox when copiers came into vogue. But have you ever stopped …

  2. adweek

    What It Means To “Double Down” And Other Marketing Jargon You Need To Know

    Marketing is a big industry, but not many people know what a marketers’ day-to-day entails. If you’re considering marketing as a career path or have recently started a venture of your own and you need some help, we have a list of marketing jargon that you probably need to know. We’ll give you the summary of these terms and some basic how-tos … but our …

  3. Overworked Buzzwords In Business

    These are the business buzzwords that are actually offensive—to humans, animals, you name it. These business bullies should be axed for good.