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  1. What Are All Of The Different Ways To Pluralize “You”?

    What's up you guys?! Or wait, should it be what's up y'all? Let's break down all of the ways you can address the plural you.
  2. 9 Ways To Respond To Kids When They Say “I’m Bored”

  3. Oh, No! How To Say “No” To Mom And Other Family Members

    Having trouble saying no to mom and other loved ones? Are you one of those people who finds it harder to say no to friends and family than your employer? If you are, you may be looking for a few tips on how to say no without damaging important relationships. After all, your boss is probably less likely to take your refusal personally.  The key to saying …

  4. What Are The Best Words To Use To Explain Death To Kids?

  5. 9.5 Different Ways To Ask Kids About Their Days

  6. How Not To Write A Work Email: Words To Delete Immediately

    When it comes to writing business letters, there are books, templates, and guidelines galore. Work emails, on the other hand, are a whole new game, relatively speaking. The rules aren’t nearly as rigid, and, in many ways, they’re still being defined. While emails lend themselves to a more casual tone than formal business letters, you do still want to keep your communication professional. This murky …

  7. How To Say “No” With Words That Will Make Coworkers Listen

    No, nay, nix … there are many ways to say no, but how can you say it so people actually listen?  In today’s society, the word no is often viewed as a starting point for negotiating. That can be frustrating, if not dangerous, for many people. It can be especially hard for those who struggle to say the word in the first place, either out …

  8. Conversational No-Nos To Avoid During The Holidays

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    The 11 Worst Words And Phrases Your Boss Can Say

    Office life is already rife with jargon like synergy and leverage. As if that wasn’t bad enough, our bosses pile on clichés like boil the ocean and pick your brain. We don’t know about you, but sometimes that latter expression doesn’t feel so figurative. Corporate-speak can really make the skin crawl or make us break out in a cold sweat. Here are 11 of the worst words and phrases …

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    How To Make Small Talk And Influence People

    The good news is that making small talk is a skill that can be learned, and these idioms can be your guide to enjoyable and lighthearted conversation.