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  1. How Do I Write A Great Female Character?

    Hester, Jo March, Lisbeth Salander, Hermione Granger, Pippi Longstocking. Great female characters abound in literature—though they certainly could abound more! These women and girls come to life on the pages of our favorite books and on the big screen, as they engage, enlighten, and enrage, and inspire us to look at our own lives a bit differently.  But, what makes a great female character? They’re …

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    How Do I Write Without Using The Most Common Words?

  3. 3 Easy Tips For Writing Realistic Dialects

    Dialects are unique ways that people speak within a language. They may be distinguished by special grammar, words, sentence structure, and pronunciation. Dialects may emerge in languages due to differences among regions, classes, or ethnic backgrounds. Many writers use dialects to enhance realism in their stories, especially for characters in specific locations. However, it’s easy to overuse or misuse dialects if you aren’t careful. To …