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  1. Learn At Home With A Harry Potter Vocabulary Challenge For Kids

    With schools closed across the country, plenty of newly homeschooling parents are taking advantage of the chance to read more with their kids. That means the Harry Potter books and movies are both seeing a lot more usage this month. Whether you’re a reading family or a movie-watching family or maybe doing a bit of both, here’s a twist on our Disney Movie Word Challenge …

  2. “Harry Potter” Fans Can Add This Definition Of “Dumbledore” To Their Spell Books

    Most of us know Dumbledore from "Harry Potter." But, he's not the only "dumbledore" in town ...
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  5. Harry Potter Redefines Identity

    As a 13-year-old girl in the world of books, Harry Potter has influenced Winter a lot. Hufflepuff and the words of Harry Potter make Winter feel like she can be who she is.