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  1. These Uncommon Singular Words Sound So Wrong

    Sometimes we can’t remember the plural form of a word—is it hippopotamuses or hippopotami? (Hint: it can be either). But there are also those times when we’re so used to hearing the plural form of a word that we just can’t think of the singular.  Even if we can remember the correct word, it tends to sound so odd and unfamiliar that we second guess …

  2. The Frabjous Words Invented By Lewis Carroll

    When we think of Lewis Carroll, we think of whimsical worlds … and words. The man who penned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, “Jabberwocky,“ and countless other timeless poems and works of literature has taken our imaginations to the furthest limits for decades.  His stories—published during the mid- to late-1800s—are full of life, adventure, humor, and some of the most fantastical words. You see, …

  3. “Beeves” And Other Plural Words You Didn’t Know Existed

  4. woman's elbow with word ancon on it

    Unique Synonyms For Human Body Parts

    Oops, your axilla is showing … Our bodies are amazing, wondrous machines with millions of parts that all somehow work together to keep us alive. From our head to our toes, there are parts small and large, inside and out, many of which you’ve probably never even heard of.  For example, did you know you have an anatomical snuffbox? More on that later, but even …

  5. elderly woman making silly face

    These Old Words Sound Dirtier Than They Really Are

  6. Words That Didn’t Really Catch On (And You’ll See Why)

  7. Words To Describe Your Worst Fights

    Instead of scrambling for lightweight words in your next duomachy, throw off your opponent with these...enigmatical vocables.