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  1. Thesaurus.com Presents The Gigantic, Gratifying, Grammar Gameshow

    YES, grammar can be fun ... keep watching ... because we've asked these 2 people to join our first ever Gigantic, Gratifying, Grammar Gameshow.
  2. Travel Words For People With Wanderlust

    No rest for the weary? Ha! It should be no rest for the wanderlust because it's exhausting preparing for a trip.
  3. What Scares A Dictionary? Ghost Words!

    Ghost words haunt dictionaries like ours because they came into existence by error like a mistaken reading of a manuscript, a scribal error, or a misprint ... eerie.
  4. You’re Not A Picky Eater, You’re Just A Flexitarian

    Isn't it funny that we have our own word now? We're not carnivores, we're not vegetarians or vegans, we're not pescatarians, we're flexitarians ... and it sounds so fancy!
  5. Two Nerdy Steps To Learn “Lay” vs. “Lie”

    When we asked this woman the difference between lay and lie ... she couldn't answer right away. Maybe her nerdy steps to learn how to use these words will help you learn the difference between lay and lie too?
  6. Boost Your Mid-Week Mood With This Phrase

    Wednesday first came to be known as hump day in the 1950s. The expression figures Wednesday, the middle of the workweek, as the hump people get over to coast into the weekend. 
  7. Common Words With Uncommon Opposites

    As we all know every lone sock has a long-lost twin, some words we use every day also have pairs that we just forgot about. Here are some of the English language’s best uncommon opposites.
  8. Food Slang That Will Make You Hungry

    Are you starving to use some food slang in everyday conversation? We’ve got you covered with a quick look at some of the funniest food idioms that will get your mouth watering as you say them.
  9. What’s The Difference Between Morals And Ethics

    Buckle up this is Morals vs. Ethics 101.
  10. Watch And Learn Word Facts

    Watch and learn more about these word facts that mess everyone up! Want to know how to better use language and grammar? We have some wonderful Word Fact videos for you!