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  1. How This School Principal Uses Words To Make Change Happen

    A high-school principal may not be a very glamorous profession, but this woman recognized it as a chance to influence the young minds of the next generation and to maybe inspire change early on instead of trying to amend things after they've happened. Here's her story:
  2. Quinceaneras: More Than Just A Pretty Dress

    Sure, some quinceaneras can get over-the-top, but that’s not the point of the ceremony. There’s a lot more to it ...
  3. These Words Describe The Many Feelings We’ve All Had About A First Date

    No matter if we're feeling apprehensive or eager ... first dates are intimidating. Why though?
  4. The Words You Need For Every Decade Of Your Life

    When we're young, we desperately want to be grown up. Then once we realize we're old, we start to spend too much time thinking about ways to turn back the clock. Why can't we just be satisfied with where we are? These words should help clarify that feeling ...