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What does iWatch mean?

When people use iWatch, they mean Apple Watch, the official name of Apple’s smartwatch.

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Where does iWatch come from?


In 2002, Apple began researching sports watches that provided additional features to time-telling. The project was closely guarded—and highly anticipated—until Apple unveiled its Apple Watch in 2014.

The Apple Watch is a type of wearable technology that connects to the user’s iPhone, enabling them to do such things as receive text messages and phone calls, browse the internet, listen to music, and monitor all sorts of health and fitness data (with promising potentials for helping heart disease, epilepsy, and other ailments). Oh, it can also tell time.

Apple’s trademark naming system usually prefixes (originally short for internet) to its product: iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple couldn’t name its watch iWatch, however, due to copyright law. Several other companies, including the now-defunct OMG Electronics and a Dublin-based group called Probendi, filed legal claims to the iWatch trademark prior to Apple’s release of the Apple Watch. Additionally, after the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, his successor, Tim Cook, made a point to move away from the i-based branding.

Examples of iWatch

Apple iWatch Full Adhesive Full Coverage Tempered Glass and Soft Transparent Case - Accessories
SG Fresh Idea, YouTube (video title), March, 2018  
Temple University has partnered with Apple as one of six educational early adopters to put student IDs on the iWatch and iPhone.
Abby Lee Mosconi,, June, 2018
When you see @jose_madero LIVE and your iWatch detects your heart rate to be above the normal. That legit never happened before. 😂😂😂
@vivaladee, June, 2018

Who uses iWatch?

Although the name of the device is the Apple Watch, many people still refer to it as an iWatch, such is the success of Apple’s brand.

However, some like to issue reminders that the device isn’t actually called the iWatch.

Because of its high price tag, limited functionality to a smartphone, and associations with consumer bandwagoning, the Apple Watch can be a divisive product. Others hail the product.

The iWatch also comes up online in commerical or promotional materials as well as in considerations of how wearable technologies are changing people’s lives.

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