Wednesday Winner: Mellifluous

Today’s Word of the Day was chosen by actor and logophile Matthew MacCaull of Vancouver, Canada. MacCaull has acted in several TV series and  films including Disney’s Tomorrowland and the drama iZombie. We thought he picked mellifluous because he writes music in addition to acting, but MacCaull was inspired by the TV show The Sopranos:

“Little Carmine was famous for always using big words inappropriately. But in the last season he uses mellifluous perfectly. It’s a beautifully redeeming moment for the character played by 
Ray Abruzzo

It must be kismet, because it’s Ray’s birthday today! Here’s a clip where Ray Abruzzo, playing Little Carmine, attempts to use the word mellifluous:

Can you come up with a better example sentence with mellifluous? The reader who submits the best sentence will win a promo code to get our premium iPhone app for free!

Mellifluous means “sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding.”

Submit your favorite word here and it could be chosen as one of our Word of the Day selections!

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