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Monday, June 05, 2000

Definitions for harangue

  1. A speech addressed to a large public assembly.
  2. A noisy or pompous speech; a rant.
  3. To deliver a harangue to; to address by a harangue.

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Citations for harangue
His emissaries, had attended the Priest's convocation of the people, and, without delaying to hear more than the main point of the harangue, hurried back with their intelligence to the rebel camp. Wilkie Collins, Iolani: Or, Tahiti as It Was
Wont to harangue the citizenry in public speeches with such lines as "Remember! My father gave you freedom!" Mrs. Gandhi did not take lightly to government officers with an independent turn of mind. Gita Mehta, Snakes and Ladders
Origin of harangue
Harangue derives from Medieval French arenge, from Old Italian aringa, from aringare, "to speak in public," from aringo, "a public place for horse racing and popular assemblies," ultimately of Germanic origin.