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Monday, June 26, 2000

Definitions for extirpate

  1. To pull up by the stem or root.
  2. To destroy completely.
  3. To remove by surgery.

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Citations for extirpate
A plant growing where it shouldn't is a weed. An object for which you have no need or sentimental attachment is garbage. Extirpate the one, toss the other. Philip Kennicott, Washington Post
There had been no great missionary impulse in the Turkish incursions, no urge to extirpate the old ways. Fouad Ajami, New York Times
Origin of extirpate
Extirpate derives from Latin ex(s)tirpare, "to tear up by the root, hence to root out, to extirpate," from ex-, "from" + stirps, "the stalk or stem or a tree or other plant, with the roots."