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Sunday, December 24, 2000

Definitions for sporadic

  1. Occurring singly, or occasionally, or in scattered instances.

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Citations for sporadic
Throughout the early years of Kelly's life, out of guilt as much as out of affection, she suspected, her father would make sporadic reappearances, make ever more incompetent attempts to be a good father to her and a good partner to her mother, before leaving again. Geoff Nicholson, Female Ruins
The land is desperately overpopulated, and the thin soil is so eroded that it can only sustain scattered groups of scrawny cattle or sheep and sporadic crops of maize. Anthony Sampson, Mandela: The Authorized Biography
Origin of sporadic
Sporadic derives from Medieval Latin sporadicus, scattered, from Greek sporadikos, from sporas, sporad-, scattered like seed.