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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Definitions for pecuniary

  1. of or relating to money: pecuniary difficulties.
  2. consisting of or given or exacted in money or monetary payments: pecuniary tributes.
  3. (of a crime, violation, etc.) involving a money penalty or fine.

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Citations for pecuniary
My honest friend, in pecuniary matters, always be exact as a second-hand; never mind with whom it is, father or stranger, peasant or king, be exact to a tick of your honor. Herman Melville, Israel Potter, 1855
You know, my dear Edward, that I have always turned down any pecuniary assistance you have offered me in the past. William Safire, Scandalmonger, 2000
Origin of pecuniary
Pecuniary can be traced to the Latin term pecūnia meaning "property, money" with the root pecū meaning "flock; farm animals." It entered English in the late 1400s.