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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Definitions for factotum

  1. any employee or official having many different responsibilities.
  2. a person, as a handyman or servant, employed to do all kinds of work around the house.

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Citations for factotum
Mickey was a qualified solicitor who no longer practised the law but instead worked full-time as a factotum, fixer and odd-job man for a Premiership football club. John Lanchester, Capital, 2012
"I hope I shall not seem to boast if I say that I am the factotum here, the proprietress's right hand, she having been widowed these ten years." Thomas Mann, translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter, Lotte in Weimar: The Beloved Returns, 1940
Origin of factotum
Factotum has roots in the Latin facere meaning "to make; do" and tōtus meaning "all." It entered English in the mid-1500s.