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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Definitions for insensate

  1. Lacking sensation or awareness; inanimate.
  2. Lacking human feeling or sensitivity; brutal; cruel.
  3. Lacking sense; stupid; foolish.

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Citations for insensate
The religion of primeval humans, he suggested, held that souls inhabited not only human beings but also animals, trees, plants--even rocks, rivers, and other natural features we regard as insensate. Bill Strubbe, The World & I
The cutting room is a cruel place, where writing that may have cost blood to commit to paper is kneaded and pummelled like so much insensate clay. Jasper Rees, Independent
Origin of insensate
Insensate comes from Late Latin insensatus, from in-, "not" + sensatus, "gifted with sense, intelligent," from Latin sensus, "sense."